Headshots Q&A

Where do I fit as a talent type?
Book a time to meet a booker on a Zoom call and we’ll happily advise.

May I use home shots?
Yes, however they rarely work in the professional realm. You are marketing yourself so need to have the best image you can to stand out from all the others. The better you look, the higher the chance you’ll be chosen.

Can I use a friend who is a professional photographer or do you have to use the agency’s photographer?
Yes of course! 888 doesn’t have an in-house photographer but we can recommend an absolute industry professional with years of experience photographing the stars and future heavyweights of the fashion and film industries. Your photos will be done correctly, with make-up and hair included, resulting in high market standard after consultation and planning. 

What if I can’t afford the shoot?
The way to think of professional photos is this: if you have identical twins, one with home shots and one with professional photos, who would you send to the client to consider for an audition?

That is why pro shots are so valuable. They may not guarantee work (nothing does!) but they really help get your foot in the door.

What if I’m too nervous?
If you are, why are you in this industry? Trust yourself! Of course, we all get a little worried but you’ve come this far so take that one step further. The photographer on the day will have seen it all before and know how to help.

How do I book?
CLICK HERE to book your photoshoot!

This link will take you to the Model and Actor development site PIA {Positive Impact Academy} where you can book a shoot at a time that suits you. A 35% deposit holds your spot. Please do read and understand the terms and conditions.

When should I book?
That’s entirely up to you but our advice is always to book as soon as you can afford the fee and the time. The longer you wait, the more you miss out on. Don’t be nervous. You must have confidence in yourself if you want to succeed in this industry!

Can I get a discount for two or more people?
We would love to help you save money! Please email admin@movieextrasclub.com and let us know what’s on your mind. We’ll discuss with our recommended photographer and get back to you with their prices and instructions.

What should I wear?
What sort of look do you want? Are you an actor, model or extra? Tailor your outfits to the work you want to get. We suggest at least three different looks to give casting directors different ideas of where to place you. Most importantly, nothing that obscures your face as we need to see you! Perhaps something glamorous, a character look and a more casual outfit. The photographer can always give pointers on the day but it’s all about how you want to market yourself.

What is the COVID policy?
We’ll take precautions with distancing and offering sanitisers. However, there will be people around so feel free to bring masks or whatever else you feel is necessary. As long as everyone is careful and courteous we don’t envisage any problems.

May I bring someone with me?
Yes, but please limit it to one person. There will be a constant flow of clients on the day so for safety and privacy, the fewer people we have around, the better it will be for all. Don’t worry about being nervous as there’ll always be a friendly face to talk to.

How many photos will I get?
You’ll get so many you won’t be able to look at them all!

When choosing those special few though, be selective. Pick those which highlight the aspects you want to show off the most. We recommend three distinct looks for acting, modelling and extras work.

How long will the whole process take?
It depends on how far in advance you book your shoot. However, the session will be no more than hour and that’s more than enough time and then the photos should be with you within a week or so. Our recommended photographer will even select the ones he thinks best show you but of course you may make your own choices.